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Rules & Regulations


The objectives of the Perpustakaan Tunku Tun Aminah (PTTA) are to support teaching, learning and research activities in the Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM). In order to maintain a conducive atmosphere for that purpose, PTTA expects cooperation from all users to comply with the rules and regulations. Every Library member is subjected to these rules. Action will be taken against anyone who does not abide by these rules.

ID Card

Users must present a student/staff/member card when entering the Library


Library qualifications cannot be transferred. It's a mistake to use another user's identity card for any transaction in the Library.


User should be properly attired as specified by university


Users are advised to remain silent and respect other users while in the library


Be prepared to cooperate with staff on duty when asked to conduct inspections when entering and leaving the library

Library Materials

Users are prohibited from stealing, ripping, embezzling or damaging the library material 

Personal Belongings

Helmets, umbrellas, rain coats and packages are not allowed in the library

Food & Drinks

Eating and drinking (except for plain drinking water) are strictly prohibited in the library


Smoking (including e-cigarettes/personal vaporisers) is strictly prohibited in the library


Users are not allowed to bring pets into the library

Library Arrangement

Users are not allowed to remove library furniture and equipment from their original place


Bring out library materials without any permission are prohibited


Children are allowed to enter the library with parental supervision

If you are..

  • Users who photocopy the materials, you are fully responsible for any action liable and contravening the Copyright Act 1987.

  • Use library resources and never engage in cheating, plagiarism, breach of copyright, fabrication of research data or other designated academic irregularities or misconduct.

  • Staff who will take study, sabbatical or long-term leave, you are required to return all borrowed materials.

  • Staff who will resign or are being terminated, you are required to return all borrowed materials and pay fines (if any)

  • Student who will defer, withdraw or graduate, you are required to return all borrowed materials and pay fines (if any).

If you violate...

  • You will not allow to enter and use the library facilities or

  • You will be asked to leave the library or

  • You will be suspended of your borrowing eligibility or

  • You will be suspended from library membership or

  • You will be referred to the Student’s Disciplinary Unit, The Student Affairs Office.