All students and staff will be registered as library members.  Users records will be downloaded from the student/staff information system to the library system. New users are advised to check their account through the library website. If the record is still unavailable, users have to fill up the registration form at the Circulation Counter. The community outside the campus can apply for external membership to utilize the resources and facilities provided.


Registered student may request Undergraduate Project in full text. Subject to approval and restricted during MCO only.


Borrowing eligibility  is determined according to the patron category. Borrowing of library materials can be done at the Circulation Counter or by using the self-check out machine. Users are required to bring their student/staff card and prohibited from using other user’s card. Users will be given a borrowing slip for each transaction. Users are advised to check the due date on the slip or in the library account in order to avoid  fines for late returns.  Returning of the materials can be done at the Circulation Counter or by using the book drop. Users will be given a returning slip for each transaction. Users are advised to keep the slip and check the library account to ensure that the records has been updated.


A reminder notice will be sent to users by e-mail 7 days before the due date to remind for loan renewal. If users fail to return the library materials, the 1st overdue notice will be sent 1 day after the due date. If users still fail to return it, the 2nd notice will be sent 7 days after due date and if users still fail to return it, the 3rd notice (final notice) will be sent 13 days after due date. User account will be barred if the total amount of fine has exceeded the maximum limit allowed. Users are required to return the materials and reactivate their account at the Circulation Counter. 


Users should report lost library materials at the Circulation Counter immediately. Users will be given one month to search for the lost materials. Users are required to replace it with the same materials or pay the price of the materials.


Renewal can be done online through borrowing record in library’s user account. Users can only renew twice. No renewal is allowed if other users have made reservations for the same items. Online renewal can be done before the due date.


Users can reserve library materials that are currently on loan at the Circulation Counter or online through the catalog. The reserved materials will be located at the reservation shelf for 7 days after the materials returned to the library. If the user who had reserved the materials did not turn up to collect it until the period ends, the reservation will be cancelled, and it will be located at the open shelf. Users are advised to check the status of the materials through their library account.


Delivery services is provided for academic staff only within campus area. This service covers reserved material that consists of open access books, audio-visuals and inter-library loan materials. The titles requested for will be placed under user library account and will be sent to requester’s office. Besides, user also can request for returning the materials through this service.  


The library offers different types of room that can be reserved for discussion, teaching and academic discourses. These rooms includes Hikmah Rooms, Eksplorasi Rooms, Lestari Rooms and Al-Jazari Auditorium. Reservations can be done at the Circulation Counter, Level 1. This service is also offered to non-members (external user). Please refer to the rental rates for non-members.  


Users who are looking for information resources for teaching and research are advised to consult the librarian at the Reference Desk (Level 1) to get guidance on the searching techniques. The librarian will assist to identify the actual needs before suggesting relevant resources. Reference service is opened to all users during library opening hours.  


Information literacy forms the basis of lifelong learning and a crucial skill in the pursuit of knowledge. It is a set of abilities requiring individuals to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate and  use effectively the needed information. Information literacy skills needed for academic purposes, primarily to prepare project and research paper.  The library provides a special service to assist users to increase their skills in using the library through the Information Literacy Class. The classes are conducted both theoretically and practically which covers these topics:

  1. Library web site as an information gateway
  2. Library catalog
  3. Digital / online resources
  4. Library services and facilities


This service allows users to borrow reference resources that are unavailable at UTHM Library but can be obtained from other academic libraries in Malaysia and British Library. This service is free of charge. Apart from books and standards, users can also obtain journal articles and conference proceedings.  The length of borrowing period is subject to the rules imposed by the supplying library. Users can fill in an application form available at the Reference Desk and Circulation Counter (Level 1). Users will be informed about the status of the application through e-mail or telephone.


This service consists of latest printed journal content page and new arrivals listing dissemination. The latest printed journal contents page is particularly for academic staff in which the content pages will be composed directly to the inbox of respective requesters e-mail. Whereas the new arrivals listing is provided to give alert or current awareness to the users by compiling and publishing the listing of new materials received. This listing is arranged by subjects and distributed to both students and staff. 


The library provides various reference resources which includes papers presented at seminars, conferences, conventions, symposiums, workshops or colloquiums either organized by UTHM or other organizations. Seminar materials are an important but elusive source of scientific and technical information. These materials are categorized as UTHM Special Collections and should be submitted to Digital Collections Development Division.

This division collects printed and non-printed materials on UTHM and also writing works by students, staffs, faculties, departments or any individuals in the university. Apart from that, this division accepts materials submitted by UTHM staff who attended courses, workshops, seminars and conferences. Types of materials that should be submitted to the Library includes: 

  • • Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D thesis
    • Examination Papers
    • Books, journals, bulletins published by faculties/departments and UTHM Publisher’s Office
    • Conference and Seminar papers presented by UTHM staff
    • Articles written by UTHM staffs in magazines, newspapers and journals issued either by local or international publisher
    • Newspaper clippings about UTHM
    • Recording materials from selected event/ceremony at UTHM


Academic staff may suggest new titles of reference materials, either in printed or digital format, for library collection. Suggestions can be made either through the book exhibition or publisher’s catalog. The proposed title must be related to the courses or academic programs offered by the university, as well as support teaching and research activities.  The acquisition of reference materials is subject to the approval of the relevant authorities and compliance with financial rules.


The library is responsible to verify the record that has been entered into the university publication systems (SMPU) especially by the academic staff. The records consist of article journal, conference paper, chapter in book, monograph, policy paper and general publication. The verification process is performed to confirm that the publication is indexed by Scopus or other databases.  It is also to verify the rankings and impact factors of the publication in Journal Citation Reports (JCR). The records must meet the criteria set by Myra and MyMohes.  

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