Off-Campus Access is a service for UTHM staff and students to access subscribed online information resources (online database and e-book) from outside the campus.


1. Allows accessing to the subscribed online database and e-book at any time from any location that connected to Internet.
2. No fee or payment imposed.
3. User can download any material including journal article, proceeding paper, patent or any material subscribed either in full text or abstract.


1. Users are responsible for protecting the confidentiality of both their User ID and Password.
2. Users are responsible for any use of their account under their User ID (username) or Password by any person or entity.
3. The library will not be held responsible for unauthorized use of User ID and Password.
4. Password request for selected online databases that require password is through UTHM e-mail only. Other e-mails such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail etc. will not be entertained.
5. Any disruption to your UTHM e-mail that caused the failure to access the online database can be forwarded directly to Unit Pengurusan Data, Pusat Teknologi Maklumat, at 07-4537297
6. Off-Campus access is only for UTHM staff and students, whereas the outsider is strictly prohibited.



1. Sign in as UTHM user at Off Campus Access through the UTHM Library website.

2. Use the same Username and Password of UTHM e-mail.
For UTHM students:
User ID (Username) = Student number.
Password = The password that has been registered to login your UTHM e-mail account. (12 digit of your IC number without spaces or dashes for first time login. The same password used to access SMAP, WIFI and Author)
For UTHM staffs:
User ID (Username) = Name or nickname that has been given to access UTHM e-mail
Password = The password that has been registered to login your UTHM e-mail account.If you wish to change the password, visit this site Any problem regarding the password, please contact Unit Sistem Operasi, Pusat Teknologi Maklumat, tel: 07-4537295/7292 (office hour).

3. Click Login for your ID verification process

4. After verification process has been done, the screen of subscribed online resources listing will appear. Kindly choose any of online databases or e-books according to your information needs.

5. If the chosen online resources require password, you can get the password by contactinglibrariansthrough phone or UTHM e-mail. The password request through personal e-mail other than UTHM formal e-mail such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail, or Hotmail will not be entertained.

6. Please refer to the steps of requesting the password for certain online resources:
i) Login to your UTHM E-mail.
ii) Click Compose or New.
iii)Type password in subject field
iv Send your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
v)The password will be sent automatically to your Inbox.
vi)Click Inbox and you can choose the password depends on your needs.

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