External membership allows community outside the campus getting benefits of information resources, services and facilities provided at the library. Involvement of external member is hoped to enhance reading activities, information searching and research to develop an informative and knowledgeable society.

Applicant may choose either Reference Membership or Reference and Borrowing Membership, depends on their own needs:
(a) Reference Membership only enable member to refer to the library collection and use library facilities.
(b) Reference and Borrowing Membership enable member to refer and borrow the library materials, and use the library facilities.
(c) Permata Hikmah Library Membership allows member to refer to the library collection and use the facilities. At present, this type of membership is open only to UTHM staff’s children aged 6 to 12 years.

Categories of External Membership

(a) UTHM Alumni
UTHM graduate (ex-student).

(b) UTHM Retirees
UTHM ex-staffs who are retire by mandatory or by option.

(c) UTHM Temporary Staff
UTHM staff temporarily appointed within a certain period.

(d) UTHM Staff Family Members
Husband, wife and sons of UTHM staff.

(e) Program/Course Participant organized by UTHM
Individual participating programs or courses organized by UTHM.

(f) Government Retirees
Government retirees who are having retiree card.

(g) Institutional Membership
Group membership up to 6 members from government agency, private company, corporate body, and research & development institute.

(h) Individual Membership
Membership from staffs of government agency, private company, corporate body, professional body, and research & development institute.

(i) Student Membership
Student who is nominated/selected by the schools in Batu Pahat district. This category is restricted to only 30 students for each school.

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