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The library develops and maintains print and digital resources to support teaching and research activities of the university community. The collections comprise subjects in engineering, information technology, education, management, sciences, social sciences, languages and self-development. The library has extensive holdings of more than 230,000 copies of books, 15,000 titles of thesis and 25,000 units of audio-visuals. The collections are mostly open access and classified according to the Library of Congress Classification (LCC). The digital collection comprises 18 databases, 6 e-books services, 170 titles of e-journals and more than 10,000 digitized documents, including journal articles, research reports, conference proceedings and exam papers.

  • Open Access

    • Located at Level 2, 3 & 4 (Book)
    • Covers reference books in various study fields. Shelved according to call number at open rack.

  • Closed Access

    • Located at Closed Reference Room Level 1 (Book, Laboratory Manual, Solution Manual, Study Guide, Standard, Patent)
    • Covers most of reference materials that are heavily used by users and available in limited copies. This collection is for internal reference only.

  • Reference

    • Located at Closed Reference Room Level 1 (Book, Encyclopaedias, Atlas, Government Publications, Index) and Level 2, 3 & 4 (Dictionary)
    • Covers reference materials which contain manual, fact, schedule, description, diagram, terminology, etc. Known by symbols appeared in call number. This collection is for internal reference only.

  • Audio Visual

    • Located at Level 1 (Thesis & AV Room)
    • Variety of sound and video recordings in different forms/formats (films, tapes, discs, etc.)

  • UTHM Special Collection

    • Located at Closed Reference Room Level 1 (General, Conference Paper, Thesis, Case Study, Technical Drawing, Prospectus, Magazine/Journal & Exam Paper)
    • Covers materials about UTHM, materials written by UTHM staff or students and UTHM publications either in printed or digital format. This collection is for internal reference only.

  • Other Collection

  • Map

    • Located at Level 1 - Includes Malaysia maps and states of Malaysia maps.
    • This collection is for internal reference only.

  • Creative

    • Located at Level 4 (Novel)
    • Covers novel genre especially in Malay Language and English. Some of them are in Japanese. 

  • Magazine

    • Located at Journal Room Level 3 (Bound Magazine / Current Magazine)
    • Light reading periodicals which contain story, articles, etc.. This collection is for internal reference only.  

  • Online Resources

    • Online (Databases, E-Books & E-Journals)
    • Covers subscribed databases, e-books & e-journals.

  • Digital Document

    • Online (Exam Papers, Thesis Abstracts, Conference Papers, Journal Article and other UTHM publications)
    • Covers all documents that can be accessed through library catalog.

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